About Us

 Who are we ? Travel Advisor and Import/Export Specialist who LOVE to travel !!! We enjoy telling travel stories and sharing amazing merchandise that we find on our journey.   

           At Iva Mae's International Market, each season our selection of merchandise tells a vibrant international story that is infused with culture, traditions, and told by many different artisans from around the world. The source/origin of products, jewelry, and accessories varies. Some items are imported from different continents & islands; and some items are made right here in the United States of America. We search for quality ingredients and resources paired with exquisite craftsmanship. Most pieces are very artistic, creatively designed, and crafted by hand in small workshops/studios.

        Iva Mae's Adventures is a International & Domestic Travel Agency. We are passionate about travel and seeing the world; therefore, we have a dedicated team to help Clients turn their travel dreams into reality. Clients can consult with a Travel Advisor, then book a trip to go on their own adventure. We encourage Clients to explore the world, enjoy different experiences, immerse in culture, discover old traditions, make new traditions, and find souvenirs from artisans around the world.

      Our Headquarters are located in Kansas City, Missouri; we also have an office in Florida. Being actively involved in our communities is very important here at Iva Mae's. We seek opportunities that we can volunteer for, then we commit to a project and follow through. Currently we are volunteering within our local communities. Soon we will expand our volunteer work and also seek international volunteer opportunities. We are always excited about (and look forward to) establishing and building relationships around the world. 


Some of the amazing communities, societies, associations, companies, and brands that we currently partner with: